Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Whole New Year

Here it is. 2016. A new year. How are you doing in your Bile Study sessions? I have this past year of 2015 presented Bible Study methods which I have hoped you are following.
  By now you must have questions and comments to make. If so, I haven't seen any.
  I wish to have some of you readers out there responding to me and dialoguing. It  isn't too much to ask.
 So let me know how you are finding this. After all, if you don't respond I will surmise you don't need this.
 Still, I do wish to know how you are finding the ABC method, and the question and answer method, the inductive method and so on. Or do you need more depth? If so, just comment and let me know and I will be happy to flesh out the request.
  Anyway. Happy New Year every body reading this.
  May this year be one of growth for you all.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Take A Chapter At A Time

Record Your Bible Research
     Recently I have started to take a book to study. I look at how many chapters the book has, as this is how many weeks ( I use this method a chapter a week) and start in to read that chapter five times.
    I find this starts verses popping out to get my interest. Sometimes it will be on another day of the week reading it through five times that a verse pops out at me.
    I note that verse and set about memorizing it. This is the verse I have decided is useful for discussion with others. I may just feel that it in one that I will need later to meditate on. "Study to show yourself approved." "Thy word I have hid in my heart that I may not sin against God."  "There is one God and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus."
     Just one chapter a week. This is in addition to the Bible reading and the sermon. Don't worry iof one week a verse doesn't pop out. That week may not be the week you need the verse. Just keep repeating the verses you have been able to glean. Be faithful to this practice. You will find your whole circumstances soothing out. You will find things don't bother you as much. What you are doing is allowing the Holy Spirit to work with the verses you have memorized.
     Start small and work up.
     Let me know how you are doing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Timing Of Studies

If you have been reading the last two posts and the earlier postings on Bible Study Method, you may be wondering just when are you going to find the time  to do all this. After all, you still have to go to work and earn a living. You still have to shop. And so on.
   None of these methods are meant to be a 24/7 program. They all take a scheduled period of time.
   I would suggest you have a period of time set up when you can be alone with your Bible and pad and pen or pencil. You need to open with prayer.."Open my eyes that I may see what you have in this passage for me.". or something like that. Remember, it is a period of time you are setting aside to hear what God is saying to you.
    Application is the goal here. What does it say? What is going on? How can I apply it?
    Don't worry if it doesn't grab you. The idea is that you are dedicating this period of time to this discipline. It is your faithfulness God is looking for.
     Have a set portion to read. You may only be able to dedicate this time once a week. Or maybe twice a week.   If that is all you are able to do, that is all that is required. As time goes on you will find you need to spend more time on it and when that time comes you will adjust..

Monday, September 14, 2015

Devotional Study

As in the previous Bible Study Method we must prepare ourselves for the study. Clear your known sins away by starting with confession. 1John says if we will confess our sins God will be faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. .
  He is able to do this because of the cross. When we become Christians our sins are nailed to the cross with Jesus who has become our sin bearing lamb.
   Which means the best way to study the Bible and understand it is by first acknowledging Jesus as the son of God who bore our sins and the penalty of sins on the cross. He collected the wage so you don't have to. That wage being separation forever from God.
    Our first Bible study method would be the devotional method.
   The goal of all Bible study should be application. But before application we have to do some reading and questioning. So we will start out by praying for insight on how to apply the portion of scripture to our life. The next big step would be to locate that passage we want to study. Once located we should make an application and record it. Lastly we must within the passage we have selected to study and apply we should memorize a verse which we have decided is key.
   The secret to knowing the scripture is the applying of scripture.
    Application is hard work. It should be personal, practical, possible and provable.
    Let me know how you are doing.
    As I said, feedback or I won't know if you are enjoying and wanting what I can offer you.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Back on Study Mode

Bible Study
  It seems the readers of this blog gravitate to the section long ago concerning the Bible Study Methods such as ABC method or the chapter summery or topical.
    I need feedback and input this time around. Treat me as your guide.
    A method that I have run across is one which needs no tools other than a Bible and a notebook to jot down ideas.
    It is not completely a book study. Even if it is suggested you start this method with a book like the Gospel of John or Acts, or Romans.. maybe a psalm or proverb.
    Read a portion such as a chapter five (5) times. Maybe even once aloud to get the flow. Next you name the section.. in this case a chapter.
     John  One. beginnings .Just a suggestion. Name it so you will remember  what you read there so you can tell others in conversation the main idea of that section. And also to bring it to memory.
     Always look for a verse in that section to memorize.
     Or maybe you enjoy writing and would like to do a general narrative.
     I am doing one blog that reads like a general overview of the stories and characters in the Bible. 
     As I said, just an example of what can be done.
     In postings to come , if I can generate an interest, I can help you in your Bible Study Methods.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Can God Be Known?

This is a big question most have. Can God be known. From this we can also ask can God be defined?
Even as I contend the Scriptures to be the exact words of God to us to explain Himself to us, I realize this is not an answer to those who don 't feel God has revealed Himself.
This is where your view of the  66 books known as the Hebrew Christian scriptures comes to play. Is it what it says it is, the word of God, or is the book only another collection of so called holy writings?
two avenues to explore. And is is one area to be explored as you do Bible Study.
You will need a good translation of the writings. You will also need a concordance. You will be looking up words and phrases. Don't forget the notebook you are jotting your observations in.
First of all you must understand the Bible doesn't try to explain where God came from. God has always been and you must accept this as the first premise . Since God is He must exist. God told Moses His name is I AM.
God reveals Himself through actions. People you know reveal themselves through actions.
 God can be known by what He creates. Men are known by what they create. God created the sun, the moon, the stars,  these things seem to show that God has more power than man in the creation realm.
Can He be defined so to be controlled- kept in a box?  No, in that sense God can't be defined. But He can be defined by what He does and by what He has revealed. He is not silent. He is not way off. He did not create man and everything and then back away as the deists hold.
 --please comment and direct the discussion--

Monday, May 18, 2015

People...This Is A Bible

People. See this book I am holding up? It is a Bible.  This book is a lens, so to speak, from which we view the world.
  We all have view points we use as lens to interpret things around us and things happening to us.
  Only this one book gives us a view of the world and the activity around us that is pleasing to God.
    If you are a Christian you are obligated to study the Bible to understand God's will for your life. And we are all existing according to God's will but not all are doing the will.
    There are principles in this book  that must govern our lives. We don't have to fully undertstand or fully like what it teaches us.  
   When I write it is the exact words of God and tell us what HE wants to say to us I am not saying it is a book of suggestions. It claims to be the Word of God and invites you to let it rule and guide every aspect of your life. Since it is authoritative it possesses the right to direct our life.
   God's way is far above ours. You can only find out what god's ways are by reading and studying and allowing this book to mold you. This is why I write and post so much on Bible study techniques.
    Please feel free to respond to my posts. Let me hear from you. Let's dialog.